Partnership will provide a one-stop solution to manage credentialing and increase onboarding efficiency

CLEVELAND—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Axuall announced today a new partnership with AristaMD to streamline the organization’s onboarding, privileging and payor enrollment process, as well as provide its contracted specialists with the tools to manage the company’s digital credentials through Axuall’s real-time provider data network.

Patient safety and access to care are critical problems that the U.S. healthcare space continues to face in terms of scale and flexibility. As the clinician shortage continues, reducing the unnecessary burden and time commitment of paperwork will help address the national imperative to decrease burnout and drop-out rates among healthcare professionals. Healthcare organizations, like AristaMD, are beginning to realize how data and analytics can be applied across the provider community to help solve this problem through an emerging practice: workforce intelligence.

“We’re fortunate to support organizations like AristaMD, as we continue to address the need to eliminate waste, prevent fraud, manage risk, and meet demand for the next-generation of products and services in healthcare,” said Charlie Lougheed, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Axuall. “We developed our network with leading healthcare systems in mind, not only to accelerate their deployment into care settings, but also to maintain workforce readiness and elasticity.”

AristaMD plans to integrate its network of hundreds of providers into the platform this year. “Even the telehealth space is not immune to the growing challenges with workforce shortages and resource management that is impacting the healthcare ecosystem,” said Rebecca Chi, Chief Client Experience Officer at AristaMD. “We’re excited to partner with Axuall to leverage technology to not only continue attracting and retaining top talent, but also accelerate credentialing that will improve our bottom line, and more importantly, provide patients with better care.”

Axuall continues to grow its network of providers and data partners, building on the success of commercial deployments and leading healthcare systems and staffing agencies.

About Axuall

Built with leading healthcare systems, Axuall is a workforce intelligence company powered by a national real-time practitioner data network. The technology enables healthcare systems, staffing firms, telehealth, and health plans to dramatically reduce onboarding and enrollment time while also providing unique, powerful data insights for network planning, analytics and reporting. To learn more, visit

About AristaMD

AristaMD’s care transition solutions, including eConsult and referral management tools, empower providers to conduct electronic physician-to-physician consultations, facilitate the selection and scheduling of in-person specialist visits, trigger automatic follow-up activities critical to patient care, and schedule peer-to-peer reviews for insurance authorization. Electronic referral management and eConsults significantly improve the patient referral process and deliver greater access to timely, equitable, high-quality care. For additional information, visit, or follow AristaMD on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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