A better, data-driven approach to analyzing and optimizing your clinicians 

Healthcare leaders can now leverage live data, not anecdotes, to analyze and optimize their clinician populations. With Axuall’s workforce intelligence solution, organizations instantly inventory clinicians across demographics, license types, service lines, facilities, markets, procedures, practice affinity, patient populations, and more — identifying meaningful efficiencies across service lines.

Leveraging data to analyze clinician populations leads to significant operational improvements by:


Bridging the clinician supply and demand gap

Leverage data to optimize your existing workforce, allocating new and current clinicians to high-demand areas.

Reducing costs and premium labor

Activate your workforce with assignments that best match clinician expertise while cutting administrative overhead.

Protecting and growing revenue

Eliminate information bottlenecks that delay onboarding and lead to lost revenue opportunities due to unmet demand.

Use case: Make informed decisions about your workforce makeup

Healthcare industry leaders can leverage Axuall’s workforce intelligence solution to analyze the rate of clinicians’ procedures and encounters to identify gaps or opportunities in their clinician utilization.