Clinical workforce intelligence leader Axuall will leverage real-time data and verifications to optimize and rapidly onboard NOMS Healthcare clinicians.

CLEVELAND, Nov. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Axuall announced today that NOMS Healthcare, Northern Ohio’s largest independent multi-specialty physician practice, has selected Axuall to optimize its workforce management. Using data and analytics, Axuall and NOMS will create powerful data streams and insights that will eliminate inefficiencies, reduce burnout, increase patient access, and enable more efficient onboarding and deployment of clinical staff through Axuall’s Real-Time Clinician Data Network.

Workforce intelligence technology is allowing healthcare organizations to apply data and analytics across their employee populations to drive better and faster decisions across human capital management. As organizations struggle to fill roles, combat clinician burnout, meet patient demand and achieve their financial objectives, workforce intelligence technology can play a crucial role in ensuring that the workforce supply chain is running as efficiently as possible. Taking a proactive step by implementing Axuall’s workforce intelligence solution, NOMS Healthcare will have the ability to lean on real-time data to identify gaps in their workforce, allocate all of their resources more proficiently and enhance their networks in the future.

“We’re excited to work with NOMS Healthcare as they leverage our data network and automation technology to optimize and grow their workforce,” shared Charlie Lougheed, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Axuall. “Giving clinicians better visibility and control over their digital career credentials while data-enabling healthcare organizations to safely streamline their deployment is critical to meeting patient demand.”

“We are excited to partner with Axuall to assist us in streamlining our provider credentialing process,” shared Rick Schneider, NOMS Healthcare Chief Strategic Officer. “This relationship will help us create efficiencies and ultimately ensure our patients receive care as quickly as possible.”

About Axuall

Built with leading healthcare systems, Axuall is a workforce intelligence company powered by a national real-time practitioner data network. The technology enables healthcare systems, staffing firms, telehealth, and health plans to dramatically reduce onboarding and enrollment time while also providing unique, powerful data insights for network planning, analytics and reporting. To learn more, visit

About NOMS Healthcare

NOMS Healthcare (Northern Ohio Medical Specialists) is an independent physician-led, physician-owned multi-specialty group with over 300 providers across Northern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Founded in 2001, the independent collaborative is considered one of the nation’s most progressive leaders in the quest to effectuate reform of the country’s antiquated healthcare system. Established with a mission to provide patients with the best possible outcomes at the lowest possible costs, NOMS is in hyper-growth mode as physicians and health systems are eager to partner with NOMS’ cutting-edge ranks. NOMS providers practice in over 30 specialties with emphasis on collaborating with patients to provide the most advanced treatments and highest quality care.

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