Verified, real-time data powers faster and smarter engagement

Using Axuall’s workforce intelligence solution, healthcare organizations gain instant access to crucial clinician information such as education, work history, skills, and licensure. This information pre-populates and instantaneously verifies in real-time within the platform, reducing errors, omissions, and vastly improving the time required for onboarding and credentialing.

One solution for onboarding, meaningful
industry improvements

With Axuall, healthcare leaders can enhance their enterprise data to  serve the downstream data needs of their existing applicant tracking, credentialing, HR, EMR, and enterprise systems — solving pressing industry challenges by starting within their own organizations.


Reduce clinician burnout and attrition rates

Eliminate administrative burdens to allow clinicians to focus on patients, not paperwork.

Improve patient access and outcomes

Restore access to quality patient care by seamlessly onboarding and engaging critically needed talent.

Protecting and growing revenue

Eliminate information bottlenecks that delay onboarding and lead to lost revenue opportunities due to unmet demand.

Leverage automation to
save valuable resources

Collecting and verifying clinician information has traditionally been a costly and time consuming process, leading to gaps in patient care and lost revenue opportunities. With Axuall, organizations can leverage data and automation to vastly improve onboarding — saving time, money, and allowing teams to focus on tasks that leverage their skills, experience, and intellect.

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Empower clinicians to
own and manage their digital credentials

Having verified, real-time credentials in their back pocket — or on their laptop or mobile device — greatly reduces a clinician’s burden when onboarding and reappointing. Explore how Axuall’s clinician wallet works by enabling a seamless exchange of information with healthcare organizations.