Axuall Launches Pilot with MedStar Health

Axuall Launches Pilot with MedStar Health to Advance Digital Credential Technologies to Securely and Rapidly Deploy Clinicians

MedStar Health becomes the fifth pilot partner to leverage Axuall’s network to develop innovative and compliant pathways for reducing barriers to verifying clinician credentials

CLEVELAND, January 28, 2021 – Axuall, Inc. announced today that it is launching a pilot with MedStar Health through its MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2) to further deploy and develop new technologies that more efficiently verify the credentials of newly-recruited clinical staff and existing staff as periodically required. Axuall is a national digital network that enables clinicians, healthcare systems, and relevant institutions to share and manage authenticated credentials such as a practitioner’s academic and employment history in real-time, all while meeting regulatory standards.

Throughout the U.S. healthcare system, the process of verifying physician credentials typically takes three to four months to complete, a manually intensive set of activities that can delay a practitioner’s ability to deliver care. Axuall and MedStar Health began discussions last year to identify opportunities to pilot blockchain and digital credential technologies to create more efficient pathways to onboard and retain practitioners and enable credential portability between partners. These emerging technologies provide the ability to immediately ensure that verifications have originated from authorized sources, helping healthcare providers more rapidly onboard or fulfill periodic requirements to respond to increased patient demand, expand care channels (e.g., telehealth), or address other needs.

“We are thrilled to work with MedStar Health in another historic step toward addressing this national imperative,” stated Axuall CEO Charlie Lougheed. “Practitioners are the lifeblood of health care, and the application of secure means of authenticating their professional credentials will enable innovative systems to more efficiently meet patient demand, especially across expanding delivery channels.”

The pilot with MedStar Health will leverage and refine these Axuall digital credential technologies for compliance, workflow integration, physician adoption, and deployment efficiency gains. This work builds on Axuall’s success with major health systems, staffing firms, and telehealth providers in recent years and opens new possibilities for meeting growing demand and enabling more elastic workforces. Axuall made its network commercially available to the market in November of 2020.

“As healthcare systems across our nation face demand and transformation that is making public health history as we fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to identify and efficiently deploy qualified providers has never been more universally urgent,” said Mark Smith, MD, chief innovation officer of MedStar Health and the director of the MedStar Institute for Innovation. “Axuall’s work has the potential to revolutionize an aspect of care delivery that is essential to healthcare missions yet is also under-recognized as an area in need of innovation within the U.S. healthcare system to support patient care, provider well-being, and administrative efficiency. MedStar Health looks forward to working with Axuall to explore how blockchain and digital credential technologies can help us create and accelerate an increasingly positive future for physician onboarding and compliance.”

About Axuall, Inc.

Formed in 2018, Axuall, Inc. addresses the national imperative to improve access to quality healthcare by helping to eliminate unnecessary inefficiencies in workforce deployment. Axuall is a national digital network that enables clinicians, healthcare systems, and primary source institutions to share and manage authenticated credentials in real-time. With this, we empower health systems to accelerate the time-to-deployment of qualified healthcare professionals, while at the same time reducing physician burnout.